Many London properties have basements, either semi-basements with windows onto a rear garden or the street, or spaces which are completely enclosed below ground level. Even those with windows are often damp, dark and a bit of a sad place which many families consign to storage. This is a shame, because the basement normally has an area of at least the floors above and so you could be wasting up to a third of the habitable space of your home. Excell Building are experts in basement conversions and can turn this wasted space into a fabulous area which could suit any member of the family, from a games room, wet room or an amazing open plan kitchen.


Basements often suffer from a damp problem, but not when you employ Excell Building. We will make sure that that kind of issue is a thing of the past by assessing the situation and remedying as required during your basement conversion, using dry-lining, plastering or whatever method is the best for your situation. When all is dry and cosy, we can then progress to making the space into just what you want. Many people these days are taking a leaf out of the Americans’ book and making their basements into family areas and this is a great use of the space. Just imagine that horrible damp space you have at present being transformed into an incredible cinema room!


With property prices being what they are at the moment, many families are finding that adult children are returning to live at home after university or college. These are called ‘boomerang children’ and while most families get along well, it is always nice to make sure everyone has their own space. A London basement extension or conversion by Excell Building is ideal for this purpose, because it will be roomy, well-designed and built to the highest possible spec., so that when your boomerang does leave home you will have an excellent space for your own use, perhaps as a hobby room or just the best den in the street!